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branchX is a digital bank that strives to uncomplicate your banking experience with a touch of empathy.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

  • How do I create a BranchX account ?

    "We are active in India, meaning that all legal residents of Republic of India can sign up for BranchX
    If you are under 18 years old, you will need permission from a legal guardian to open an account. Your legal guardian will need to have an account with us before you can start using your own. For more info, check out this topic.
    If you wish to open a Personal account with us: as a first step, we have to verify your identity, "

  • You will need to provide a valid identity document. Check this link for documentation required: We need to know you, you take a selfie, provide aadhaar front and back for address, name and date of birth and a video of you to authenticate

  • You can wish to buy something you like and you can start saving for the same. This could be for example a Laptop, the latest mobile phone, sending your kid for a college education and so forth.

  • This can be done through the Wish button when you press on the magic lamp of Xenie, you can specify how you want to save - through round off, through targetted monthly allocation etc.

  • You can select the period of transaction from the transaction history view in the app and get a statement in your email in PDF or CSV format

  • "We carefully review all online applications in BranchX. However we give priority to applications that have filled in all the requested details and uploaded all of the required documents that are needed in order to start the on-boarding process and open the account.
    Online application that not fully filled in, or that have missing required documents will not be reviewed until all fields and files are complete.
    However, while your online application may be complete, there can be various reasons you may not be able to open an account with BranchX.
    The most common ones are:
    Missing necessary legal documents required
    Live verification failed or incomplete
    Your online application details were insufficient"

  • All your payment needs, recieveing and sending money you can find uder Rush - both within India and Internationally. Send and receive money instantly with our On Demand feature.

  • Wish is a place where we help you save. We help saving by rounding off payments. We help with smart goal oriented saving

  • We all have desires and to fulfill, we need access to cash. Here you can access cash as loan for 1-2 months facility. E.g. Salary advance, Loan to buy something you desire.

  • We help to make Wealth for you by providing you insights on stock investments. You can start stock investments with even a tiny sum

  • We issue a a Rupay Card for domestic customers and for those who travel internationally, we have a branchX MasterCard

  • While onboarding, if your application is successful, you can order your card from the app and you can personalize your card

  • Your virtual card is ready to use if your application is successful immediately. Your physical card should reach you in 3-5 working days

  • Once you get your physical card, you can activate the card by putting the CVV number in your app

  • Rupay cards are accepted within India. MasterCard can be used within India as well as internationally wherever accepted with a nominal fee

  • Basic card is free, however if you prefer a personalized card (for e.g. a card with your picture etc.), there is a nominal fee

  • Within your mobile app, you have facility to manage your card and this will be done through the same

  • Within your mobile app, you have facility to manage your card and this will be done through the same

  • Within your mobile app, you have facility to manage your card and this will be done through the same

  • For freemium accounts, you have two withdrawals free in a month and rich spirit you will have four withdrawals in a month and this could be done through any ATM which accepts these cards

  • Within your mobile app, you have facility to manage your card and transactions can be viewed from there

  • Within your mobile app, you have facility to manage your card and you can adjust your spending limits through this functionality

  • Within your mobile app, you have facility to manage your card and you can deactivate your card through this functionality

  • Within Rush, you can make domestic payments, international payments and P2P payments thorugh our function #XingMe

  • Yes, you can receive international payments in your branchX account

  • BranchX works on mobiles with iOS: 11.3+ or Android Lollipop 5.0+

  • From your settings, you can change your Phone number after necessary verification

  • From your settings, you can change your email after necessary verification

  • "We guard your information carefully as a core service value and only share it when absolutely necessary within the following guidelines:
    BranchX and its Partners:
    We may share your personal information within the BranchX and its partner companies (both internal as well as external partners) in order to provide you with the best customer service.
    The list below explains which suppliers we share your personal information with when necessary.
    Suppliers who provide us with IT, payment and delivery services: This is only as necessary to provide service to you and your accounts.
    Our banking and financial-services partners and payments networks: Our banking intermediaries and international payment-service providers may need some details to process your requests.
    Card manufacturing, personalization and delivery companies: In order to create and deliver your personalized bank Card.
    Advertisers: To promote our services: This information is entirely anonymous. Communications services providers: Only to help us send you emails, push notifications and text messages about your account.
    For legal reasons: We also share your personal information with fraud-prevention services to verify your identity, abide by anti-money-laundering laws and confirm that you are eligible to use our products and services."

  • You can reset your password through the app with the same phone number you have registered

  • "We are sorry to hear that you don’t have access to your phone.
    In order to prevent unnecessary logins to your account, Please contact our support team immediately through our website"

  • We strive to service you in the fastest way possible, however you may experience a delay because of your telecom operator or third party services which we use. In such cases, you may raise a support request with us on our website and we will get back to you at the earliest possible