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BranchX carries on the business of consultancy in the field of information technology and software development in all its forms and perspectives and undertakes all such activities as are connected, linked, or associated with software development, operation, data communication, IT Recruitment, and Marketing, and other related services.

BranchX establishes the business of consultancy in the field of software development and provides services of project management, IT requirements management, recruitment, placement services for IT, and other related professionals as per the needs of Clients whether domestic or overseas. Main Object of Information Technology Consultancy Company.

BranchX provides IT Services like system analysis and design, programming, software testing, software quality assurance, outsourcing of IT and telecommunication services, IT consultancy, and IT process development services to the international or domestic markets and also fulfills recruitment needs in these areas.

BranchX hires skilled and experienced recruiters, marketers, HR, and IT professionals to help the company render its services to its clients whether domestic or overseas.

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You can find us building magic for the Next Billion in India currently.We plan to expand our magic in other locations soon.

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