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What if every underbanked migrant achieved financial security? An unattainable dream? Not for us.

branchX is building Banking for Bharat. Banking that is meaningfully accessible to every aspiring Indian.

Our vision is to transform the way underbanked communities manage money.

Challenges are plenty but so is our determination to uplift people to make the most out of their money and live financially secure lives.

Our mission is to enable empathetic banking by building the largest network using intelligent technologies for underserved communities.

Innovation is at the core of everything we build at branchX. We understand the challenges that underserved individuals face in accessing digital technologies. Xenie, our super AI algorithm will handhold and help navigate our users in the journey towards achieving financial freedom.

Bold vision requires equally bold believers. Our relentless pursuit of achieving our vision is aided by our brilliant team, investors, technology partners and network of supporters.

We urge you to join our journey in building empathy-based banking that empowers every Indian.

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branchX Timeline

branchX Timeline

You can find us building magic for migrants in India currently.We plan to expand our magic for migrants in UAE and other locations soon.




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Regional Office

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