branchX ke saath karo apni kamaai dugni

Earn up to ₹50,000 by becoming a branchX agent!

Earn commission on every agent transaction

Help customers transfer or withdraw money, pay bills, and recharge easily!

DMT Services

Instant cash to account fund transfers. Send money to anyone, anywhere.

  • Single dashboard for easy access
  • Single wallet for all services
  • Secure mode of payment
  • Commission on every agent transaction


Instant withdrawal through smart bank integratio

  • Single wallet for all services
  • Transaction success rate at 99.99%
  • Works efficiently across many devices like Morpho, Mantra, Startek, and 3M
  • Commission on every Aeps transaction

Pay Bills

Pay your customers utility bills instantly and add to your income

  • Single wallet for all services
  • Pay bills across india
  • Partial amount can be paid for selected* biller
  • Commission on every transaction


Powerful all-in-one recharge platform

  • Recharge using any operator across India
  • Check multiple recharge plans
  • Recharge under 6 seconds
  • 99% 5-star rated success rate
Grow your business digitally with branchX agent app


Easy to useapp


8 X 8 helpand support

Join branchX as a distributor and double your commissions

Earn more by managing multiple agents in your area.

Anyone can become a distributor

Manage up to 40 agents in your area

Earn based on agents performance

Anyone can become a distributor

Manage up to 40 agents in your area

Earn based on agents performance

Enjoy additional benefits

Wide range of services smartly integrated in a single app.

Enjoy agent benefits

Transfer money or withdraw, pay your bills ro recharge you phone, branchX can do it all.

Earn Commission

For every agent transaction, you get commission.

Get Rewarded for everything

Every sale on agent platform gets you rewards, incentives and more!

Work at your convenience

No 9-5 tick-tock. Work and earn, as per your clock.


Raja Rani are India's first combo cards. One for you and one for your family.

Anyone can use Raja Rani cards. These cards will help manage family finances, especially if you work away from home.

With Raja Rani card you can pay bills, shop, send or receive money instantly. The cards are linked to a single wallet so you can manage, track and control your family’s finances smartly.

You can visit the nearest branchX store or download branchX app from playstore to get your card.

branchX agents can help activate your card or use the mobile app. Under 'My Card', click on 'Activate'.

On the branchX app, tap the ‘lamp’ and Xenie will appear to help you with anything you need.


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